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Week of Love – Tuesday

I have declared this week my Week Of Love. I seem to be tripping over love images left right and centre so I figured I’d go with the flow.

Things I have loved today:
  • I found these beautiful buttons at Poppytalk by Rockett St George
  • a fresh haircut, from a flirtatious hairdresser
  • a cup of tea and quick flick through a crafty magazine with a crafting friend
  • the gorgeous and scrummy avocado on toast I had for breakfast
thick scrummy grainy toast in the toaster
scoop the creamy green avocado into a bowl
(did you enjoy the heavenly sound the spoon made against the skin as you scraped every last bit?)
grind the pepper mill with a flourish
again with the salt – a flourish is mandatory
a generous splash of lime
lick your fingers
toast should have exploded from the toaster at this point
butter quickly so it melts
lick your fingers again
moosh the avocado mix with a fork and slather onto the toast

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