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What to do next?

Been working in rounds
1. magnets, 2. garland, 3. coaster, 4. bowls

It’s 11.39pm and I’m having trouble trying to decide what project to start working on next. Probably because all I want to do is draw a line in the sand and call this day over.

What I really need to do are big, noisy and banging jobs. I need to get these big, noisy and banging jobs done by Friday. I’m working to a deadline. I’ve got a huge schedule to keep. I (naturally) overdid my button-making the other day and have terribly bruised hands and I need to stop pressing for a few days. So I opted to work on a kinder-to-my-hand project by (naturally) overdoing it with crochet, and because I’ve still got a great crush on crocheting with string my hands are now bruised, achey, splintered, blistered, rough and aged!
So at 11.39pm this evening I’m trying to see what I can start which will not keep everyone awake and will be kind and gentle to my poor hands. Let’s see:
  • crochet with wool (Wool? Left field, I know!)
  • sew/embroider (not good with tired eyes and failing fingers)
  • non-blog/twitter/flickr computer time to print labels and create flyers (with my lack of self discipline I can see this option wrought with potential to fail)
  • cut out paper shapes (like any task, this is fun but once it becomes something I have to do then it’s easy to put off for another day)
Each of these options requires a certain level of enthusiasm and manual dexterity. I’m losing the battle to stay awake and coordinated!
My decision is made. Bed before midnight. Bonsoir!
September 30, 2010 - 1:14 am

Frankie and Ray - I do hope you took your poor sore hands off to bed and got a good night’s rest! Funny, I was just contemplating my ragged cuticles, pin stuck fingers and red, dry cracked knuckles from too much hand washing to make sure I have clean hands for fabric handling…!

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