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What would the warmth of the sun look like on a grey morning?

It’s a grey old morning, a bit wet and drippy, I’ve got a cup of tea nestled in my hand, my cat is by my side (and under my nose, and on the keyboard, and under my elbow, and nuzzling my shoulder) and I found myself lingering over some gorgeous colours that remind me of the warmth of the sun, the perfect antidote to a grey day. 1000 Lanterns is by Montreal fine art photographer isphotography and I’m so delighted to have found her work at Poppytalk.

Here’s a girl who knows how to capture the gorgeous washed out colours of a summer’s day, Susannah Tucker.
Satisfying my great joy for tea and all things related to elevenses and afternoon teas, this image is from the very gorgeous and frequently visited Tea For Joy blog.

I can’t believe I’ve just found this gorgeous garden blog, Acacia and Coquelicot. I’ve been a bit of a fan of Rummage and her thoroughly entertaining blog since I met her at Stitches and Craft Show in Sydney last year. I’m a mad garden fan, totally brown-thumbed but one of my greatest pleasures is to wander around my tortured yard with a cup of tea in one hand and secateurs in another for a bit of dead-heading, tip pruning, bug patrol and weeding. Bliss.

Fabulous tissue paper blooms found on Etsy at Prost To The Host. They remind me of my childhood school fetes and the tissue paper blooms I made as a little girl which my Nanna would proudly keep in a vase on her dining room table for ages.
Beautiful, colourful, softly glowing lanterns that look like a summer’s eve found at Things That Make My Heart Sing. They remind me of the lanterns on the pontoon where Joe Bradley takes Princess Ann in Roman Holiday. It’s always a good memory if it involves an Audrey Hepburn movie!
Image from IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

Image from Style List.
Enough day dreaming, back to the cold hard facts of a tax return, housework and more paperwork than I care to think about!

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