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When getting sorted sneaks up on you

Getting sorted is not usually something I plan, it’s something I find myself in the middle of.  I never plan it.  I naturally lay things out in a neat and orderly fashion, if you follow me in Instagram you’d be witness to this.  I also have a great delight with sites like Things Organised Neatly … of course!  That’s where I found this gorgeous collection of red toys, don’t you love it!

I’ve spent the morning procrastinating – I intended to start on a work order which involved clearing a space for my graphic tablet and one thing led to another and next thing you know all my admin paperwork is up to date, my tax is ready, and my desk is how it should be – uncluttered, neatly stacked and under control!  Shame I haven’t started that work order though *ahem* ….

Who ever knew that I would chose my tax as a preferred thing to do over an order!

I just got on a roll and when everything is sorted and neat I feel so much in control and ready to efficiently Get Things Done!

I would never get my tax done if my desk was as lovely as this – who would want to sit anywhere else in the house!  And, you should check out the blog where I found the image, La maison d’Anna, I’m mad for the celebration of orange she’s put together! C’est magnifique!


Bright yellow storage boxes from Present & Correct

Now my computer desk is sorted I’m in the mood to sort out my a very out of control, crowded and cluttered work room.  I have a new Motex label maker from Lark (eeeee!) ready for the task.  I’m just going to cruise around Pinterest for a bit, in the interest of organisational inspiration, and  – oh yeah, finish that work order I was supposed to have started! *face palms herself*

July 24, 2013 - 7:59 am

Frankie and Ray - Go for it girlfriend! I did a bit of clearing out and cleaning up this afternoon, and I feel so much better! xxx

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