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Wake me when it’s time to get back to work

cat-relaxWithout the momentum of activity and deadlines I’m finding it very hard to get anything started.  It seems the more I sit around in a languorous post-Christmas time-off summer-holiday mode the harder it is to even remember what excited me just last week about all the things I wanted do in this time. But I’m a bit lost.  It’s like I’ve got a flat battery and that can’t be right, can it, I’ve just had 2 wonderful weeks off!  I’ve been reading blogs and facebook and Pinterest and all the usual things I enjoy and it seems to be having the reverse effect on my creativity.  Killing it, in fact.  Isn’t it mad, with a bit of freed up headspace all the insecurities about not being good enough come creeping in?  Must shake that out of my system tout de suite!


I think the solution is to get back to work.  Proper setting-a-schedule-with-deadlines work.  It seems the more I have to do the more I want to do.  Isn’t that mad?  Good thing I love what I do because surely no sane person says things like that!  It’s just in the last 2 days where nagging niggling thoughts about what I should be doing have started to creep into my head.


snorkelAnd I have had a wonderful break.  One minute we were in dreary grey Melbourne and the next we were in tropical Cairns for Christmas!  I snorkelled in the Great Barrier Reef on Boxing Day.  An excellent regional art gallery, ceiling fans and tropical gardens literally at the very end of our bed.  Yep, it was an excellent plan!



We got a bargain Empisal on Ebay and I’ve been able to replace missing and dodgy bits of my beloved Empisal knitting machine.  It’s all freshly serviced and running like a dream now.  I’ve knitted tension gauge swatches and sample patterns, I’ve remembered to check to the tension on the mast above my head from time to time and I’ve drawn up a pattern for a throw I’m about to start once the wool I ordered online arrives.


I’ve had garden time.  I’ve deadheaded, fed, pruned, clipped, planted, moved things, watered things, admired things.  My cat has taken to snoozing in my sunny veggie patch.  And when I say ‘in’ I mean ‘on’.  It’s an ancient old cement laundry tub converted to my veggie patch.  And apparently it’s quite comfortable, according to the cat.  So I painted stakes and wrapped wool around thinking it would put her off.  Not for a minute!  She just walked on through the wool like it wasn’t even there.  Verdict: parsley didn’t make it.


There’s also been a Mad Men marathon *sigh*, a trip to a new hairdresser, a jigsaw puzzle morning, a movie (August: Osage County), we looked after the neighbours chooks for a few days (I just love how they pop themselves to bed every night – so cute!), and dinners and drinks with friends.



Bonsoir little chooken!


Joanie looking divine!  I got this picture from the Mad Men facebook page.

I think I need to go easy on myself.  I’ve done all that since Christmas.  All this anxiety about not doing anything when I gave myself time-off is driving me nuts!

Thank you, my blog, for pointing out the obvious to me xx

Happy New Year!

 Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 3.38.46 pmGratuitous Don Draper shot!  From the same Mad Men facebook page.


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